Australian Pop Singer Simon Astley's song 'London' was played at the Queens Diamond Jubilee in the UK.


"Simon Astley is a standout pop artist. One of the ones to watch."

- Ian Stedman, Wandsworth Magazine 

After extensive touring over the last decade, both in Australia and Overseas, eclectic pop singer Simon Astley is continuing his run of success working alongside award winning Melbourne producer Sam Panetta (Kylie Minogue, Crowded House, Kisschasy).

Astley had his hit song 'London' played as part of the Queens Diamond Jubilee in the United Kingdom in 2012.


Jumping back and forth between Australia and the UK since 2011, Astley’s music has been influenced by the vastly different landscapes and experiences offered by these destinations in the UK. With a father from Birmingham and a signed record deal with UK record label Gotham Records, Astley naturally feels a tether between the UK and his home in Tasmania.

Astley has also been touring the USA too following his earlier overseas success, and whilst in New York he has been recording with award winning USA producer Ray Balconis.

Crafting most of his songs from his surroundings and travel experiences, Astley’s music also reflects his personal life and emotions, resulting in powerful, catchy tunes.


Astley has scored some big media attention, with TV appearances on the Marngrook Footy Show (Australia), Late Night with Monica Price (UK) & The Cath Vincent TV Show (NZ), as well as acting roles on TV Ads Oogies Popcorn (USA), & Carlton Draught (Australia).

Astley finished a massive Australian tour in 2018/2019, and is now back in the recording studio ready to release new music.